Men eligible for membership are those who:

  • Are serving or have served in the U.S ARMED FORCES for at least two years.   (ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY, MARINES, SPACE FORCE & COAST GUARD) ACTIVE • GUARD • RESERVE • VETERAN

  • Have served honorably regardless of branch, rank, color, creed, religious preference or sexual orientation.

  • Are ROTC (College Level Cadets)

Below is the PRP Membership Checklist, the PRP Membership Application and Background Check link. Please download both and upload your application and all required documentation using the area below. Please label all documents *First Name,Last Name,and Type of Document*.(John Doe DD214). Only submit your "Application Fee" and complete your "Background Check" at this time.

PRP Membership Checklist
PRP Membership Application
Background check

** If you experience any problems uploading your forms, please email all forms to **​


Four Stages of PRP Application Process

 Stage 1:

Submit application for membership with all required documents and application fee of $40. You may also pay this fee using Zelle ( or CashApp ($PsiRhoPhiMilFrat).

Complete background check and pay the $20.50 fee. This will take 5-7 business days to complete.By completing and submitting an application for membership; you hereby agree to and will be held accountable by the PRP Agreement to Arbitration, Anti-Hazing Policy, Privacy Statement, and the PRP Constitution and Bylaws.Allow 5-7 business days to verify receipt of your application. The Membership Coordinator will notify applicants of receipt of application or any issues that may arise (ex: missing paperwork, information verification, etc).Once the application deadline is reached, the National Intake Committee will review your application and qualifications for candidacy into the program.

Stage 2:

If approved, you will receive notification via email or phone with further instructions; as well as authorization to submit your payment of $1000 for your Membership Fee. You have up until the start of the first week of the intake process to ensure your fees have been paid in full. You may pay this fee using Zelle ( or CashApp ($PsiRhoPhiMilFrat).

The Membership Coordinator will arrange a group meeting either in person or via phone conference with candidates. During that time candidates will have the opportunity to ask any questions and get to know their fellow candidates and current members. 

Stage 3:

 PRP Intake Process (Weeks 1-6 will consist of course work and instruction).​

Stage 4:

Week 7 Rebirth Ceremony. (3 days at specified location)​ NOTE: **ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE**


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