Military Fraternity, Inc.

Psi Rho Phi

Military Fraternity, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of discharge must I have to be a part of Psi Rho Phi?

3 of the 5 which are General, Honorable, & Other Than Honorable.

Is there a time frame for which I have been enlisted in the military to be a part of Psi Rho Phi?

Yes, you must have served a minimum of 2 years of service honorably or been medically discharged.

Can I join as a reservist?

Yes, you can

Is this organization a part of the Divine 9 or any collegiate organization?

No, it is not

Must I serve in the Armed Forces to join?

Yes, any branch.

What makes Psi Rho Phi any different from any of the other Military Fraternities?

We’re not different at all, we’ve all served our country proudly. However, the members of Psi Rho Phi are what makes us different and stand alone.

Can I join while still serving?


Is there any hazing involved with the pledging process?

Absolutely NOT!